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Welcome to the Glove Theatre!

In the heart of downtown Gloversville, the Glove Theatre presents a wide variety of music performance, comedy, family, cultural and holiday shows and events. Our goal is that you have a wonderful experience at our theatre and that each performance you attend will make an average night memorable.


The Glove Performing Arts Center is sprucing up the front of the theatre thanks to the Eagle Scouts Troop #53 and Christopher Smouse and his family for taking on a project to restore the Poster Display Cases in front of the theatre. We applicate Chris for taking on this very important project that is just one of the phases of the restoration that has been neglected. The cases were in terrible shape with a lot of deterioration from the weather. We had Plexiglas inserts that was not in keeping with the historical nature of the building. The Plexiglas was scratched clouded and not water tight. The locking system was deficient with mismatch keys, broken or missing altogether. Some frames were held closed by a simple screw. Molding around the frames were rotten with broken hinges that allowed water to enter. There are thousands of possible Eagle Scout projects; however we are so glad that Cristopher picked this project. It had the most important impact or benefit that provided for our organization. Thank you letters from the Eagle Scout Christopher Smouse went to each of the donors for the project.
The project was to rebuild the five display cases on either side of the entrance to the theatre with safety glass inserts. If you now walk pass the theatre you certainly can see a difference. Rebuilding these cases has improved the visual appeal of the entrance and the theatre in general. This will also aid in the beautification of an important Gloversville landmark and of the historic downtown area. We use every opportunity to try and make the theatre inviting to the public.
Recently the Glove Performing Arts Center negotiated with a local contractor for the repair of the marquee in the spring. We did receive a fundraiser donation of $1200 from the Oath & Iron Motorcycle Club, in addition another $500 donation from the public. We really need the Marquee repaired now that the display windows are completed. This summer we also had constructed a new sound and light booth in back of the concession stand. We truly appreciate all the support from everyone in making this year a great success. The all-volunteer staff of the Glove Performing Arts Center has big plans for the beloved landmark including many other projects. It has always been our intent to continue to improve our track record as a significant arts and community events venue to the region. We look forward to playing perhaps our finest part, a leader in the economic renewal of the community, that has generously donated their time and resources to bring the theatre back to life once again.
Look for big changes and lots of great entertainment from the Glove Performing Arts Center in the months to come as we celebrate 103 years of history and look forward to many more. Watch for our upcoming 2017 season with productions, events, bands, and other exciting activities. To see more photos check Gallery page and click on Around the Glove.

Director's Submission Form

Glove Performing Arts Center
Show Submission 2017 Season
Send form to: Glove Performing Arts Center
PO Box 566 Gloversville, NY 12078
Submission Deadline: October 20, 2016

Name ____________________________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

E-mail Address: ________________________________________________________________

Please select all that apply
___ I am interested in directing for the 2017 season.
___ Please, retain my name on the Director list for future seasons.
___ Please, remove my name on the Director list for future seasons.
___ If not chosen to direct, I would be willing to work as an Assistant Director.
___ If not chosen to direct, I would be willing to work in another capacity.

Name of Show Time Slot Cast size and Distribution

Production Team:

Anticipated Artistic Budget _________________________________________________

Special Costs/ Technical Needs: (Please explain in detail with names and capacity):

Comments: Please attach additional sheets, as necessary.


**Call for Actors**

New Ticket Location

Glove Performing Arts Center show tickets will also be available at Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market, in Downtown Gloversville

General Donations

For general donations please select the Paypal link below.

Some of the small projects we are working on:

Roofs over side exits $ 4500
Painting and glazing widows $ 4500
Refurbishing Men's bathroom $ 1000


You can order tickets the following ways
1)call 518-773-8255 Ext 25 leave your name, phone number, how many and what type of tickets and someone will call you back.

2)online through the following link.
Ovation Tix

3)Email us at boxoffice@glovetheatre.org and leave your name, phone number, how many and what type of tickets and someone will contact you.

Glove Performing Arts Center show tickets will also be available at Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market, in Downtown Gloversville

Thank You for your patronage and support


Is your name or your companies name in our program? It's your community and your theatre. We are here for you, your customers, employees and family. For Sponsorship opportunities and to be added to our mail list, please call 518.773.8255, ext. 21

Theatre Rental

Did you know that theater is available for rent year round? This versatile space is ideal for meetings, parties, events, trade shows, or producing your own show. Call (518) 773-8255 EXT 21 for a tour and pricing information.

We are now able to rent out costumes from our costume department. If interested please contact Sally Brien at 774-1829.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that Glove Performing Arts Center cancels a performance for any reason, Glove Performing Arts Center will refund the ticket price to the ticket holders for that performance. Any fees associated with the ticket will not be refunded.
Ticket holders for canceled performances may opt to receive a credit good for another performance of the same show, or another show within the same season.
If you have any questions regarding this policy, you may call, 518-773-8255 Ext 25 or email us at boxoffice@glovetheatre.org

The Glove Theatre
42 North Main St.
Gloversville, NY 12078

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